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I spoke with the order desk on a Friday, they said that they would get the furniture to me in a week- the following Friday. I actually placed the order the next morning.

It's now that following Friday and although I didn't expect it today, I thought I would be able to see some progress of my order, not just "processing" but definitely shipped by now if it's supposed to be to me by tomorrow. I called "customer service" (in name only) and was told by a snarky girl that because I placed it on a Saturday morning no one works on the weekend and Monday was Labor day so my order wasn't received until Tuesday and they'll send me shipping information next Monday...since no one works on the weekends.

Wow- it would have been easier to swallow this information if she had an ounce of understanding that I expected it to be received one day later since the order was placed one day later. Her impatience with me was audible (when I couldn't find my order number fast enough) that she so curtley barked at me..."order number" twice.

Not, "May I have your order number please?" which would have been a little more friendly. That girl needs some re-education on how to speak to customers who are spending $800+ a year with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Polywood Furniture Chair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: That girl needs to be schooled on how to speak with customers. She needs to learn to say, "I'm sorry that you were under that impression" not "I don't know who told you that". She needs to learn how to sound like she cares because she obviously didn't..

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