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I ordered 2 chairs from this company 13 days ago, they claim same day or only up to 5 days shipping from time of order. So already they have falsified claims.

I sent a note to customer service 3 days ago and still no reply. I tried to use the online chat and at first they pretended no one was available. Then when I tried again but made it look like I was interested in buying, they replied, but then quickly said they couldn't help me.

They also show on web site you can call 8-10pm, but that too is incorrect. They close up at 5:00 and no one will answer.

I don't know if I have lost my money yet, but just from this customer service I would never buy from them and caution others!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Update to my complaint. The company contacted me and explained that with the chairs they don't ship for 2 weeks.

I wish they had just said that in their email or web site. They did ship them and I did receive them.

They are good quality. I don't know how to remove this complaint or I would.

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