Charlotte, Michigan

Kudos Sandy R. You are lucky you got out when you did.

Unfortunately I actually took delivery of two tables and six chairs...after I had to threaten to cancel in order to get my promised discount. The product arrived and I must say I was impressed with the build quality of the chairs. The tables were a different story. One was chipped and one had no hardware included.

So I made my first of many many contacts with the Pollywood Customer Service Department (the only name I ever heard was Angie). I was told they would send me touch-up paint for the scratched frame and send me the missing hardware. I foolishly thought there would some sense of urgency involved. I was waiting to assemble both tables at the same time.

Days went by so I assembled the other table. I quickly discovered a defect. I could only get about 2 of every 3 bolts to seat properly. I contacted customer service again and was told I probably stripped the bolts and was advised that my new hardware and touch up paint would be shipped shortly, What???

I insisted they overnight it to me. The missing hardware and touch up paint showed a few days later...and guess what? The hardware had the exact same issues. I was extremely careful with bolts, but I could only get about 2/3 of the bolts in.

After all kinds of gyrations and the horrible communication, I eventually packaged all eight pieces up (a major chore) and delivered them to a shipping company and sent it all back. After several days I started emailing customer disservice to confirm receipt of the product and to credit my card. As was typical, no response. Phone calls routinely went unanswered, voicemails were not returned.

So I began sending and resending the same email message. Finally, "We are working on processing your credit" No signature just "Customer Service". Same thing a few days later. Send and re-send a bunch of emails.

Response "The owner is out of town until Monday. Will process then." Monday comes, send another email - nothing. Send another blast of emails on Wednesday. Response "Your account has been credited.

It may take a couple business days to show on your statement." After 3 business days I send "Still nothing." No response. 4 days I check and there is no credit. Just got off the phone with my credit card company. They filed a dispute and refunded my money in about 10 minutes.

Now that is customer service! Hey Pollywood - you have the standout undisputed worst customer service department I've ever experienced in my long life! You can choose to get mad at this I suppose or you can fix it.

I think you could have a nice product. So ends a 10 week nightmare...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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