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Warning - do not buy from The owner - Daniel - used abusive and profane language when I attempted to cancel my oder.

This was after attempting to cancel my order over the course of several days with no response from the company. This is what the owner said to me verbatim: "Well Ma'am, big f****** deal. You are not going to order anything from us again, so who cares? Just submit your email and go along your merry little way".

The furniture that I ordered was not cheap costing over $2,000. I would like to save you time and energy supporting such a terrible business owner and person.

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I wonder how rude and horrible YOU must have been to make the owner of the company speak to you that way. Correct me if I am wrong but don't most company owners want customers? I am sure you must have been completely ridiculous for the owner to react that way.


Couldn't disagree more with this customer. We have purchased from this company many times and have never had one issue.

I would highly recommend this company.

Great customer service and a quality product. - Bob

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