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I used to sell their furniture. They have made so many internal changes for the worst that I swore they were going to go out of business.

Why they are still in business I do not know. They pick and choose what sellers can sell. They allow the bigger companies to sell all colors and models leaving the mom and pop shops to go out of business. It takes 2 weeks before an order is shipped and this is their business which in itself is bizarre and outrageous to say the least.

I saw their furniture at a casino in the outdoor area and the next year it was replaced to a more durable and easier to clean furniture. I just want to say to Polywood thank you so much for helping put the local mom and pop brick and mortar stores and online stores out of business, streaming and monopolizing business and income to Sears, Wayfair and all the huge online stores who list your product on your site, but really do not have it.

Polywood, made in the USA yep but killing old fashioned business owners who work hard. And by the way it is only assembled in the USA and I am sure your screws come from China.

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