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Weight 80.0000 I ordered a Luxcraft 4 feet glider. The notation on the product says Crestville Furniture. The Glider cost about $650. I copied and pasted from their web site and please notice that it says Some assembly required N/A. Some assembly is indeed required and it is more like a great deal of assembly is required. It came in three boxes which contained 13 pieces and about 80 screws and bolts. When it came, I thought that I must not have checked to see if this thing was to be sent unassembled. But, this was after I opened it and threw away the boxes. There is no wording on the web site that says some assembly is required or I would never have ordered it. This furniture is very heavy and I believe that is the reason that luxcraft comes preassembled. It ways 80 pounds and some of the chucks probably weigh twnty five or thirty pounds that the consumer must wiggle around to line up holes. I cannot assemble this thing. I am a 73 year old man who has had back surgery within the last year. I am out $650 because these people did not honor the terms they publish that says that assembly is not applicable. An unassembled glider is simply not worth as much as one that is preassembled . A glider assemble by an amateur is not worth as much as one assembled by a professional. So, go somewhere else to buy Luxcraft and get one already put together.I am waiting for a return call.

Collection N/A

Construction Material N/A

Warranty N/A

Some Assembly Required N/A

Brand N/A

Dimensions 32 x 53 x 43 1/2 in High

Furniture Height No

Furniture Style No

Quick Features No

Ships Within QUICK SHIPS - Same to 3 Days

Overall Height 43.5 in


Seating Capacity N/A

Table Shape N/A

Country of Manufacture United States

Luxcraft / Crestville® Classic Highback 4 ft. Glider

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Prompt ship, Prompt shipment.

I didn't like: Sent unassembled.

  • Crestvilled Furniture
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This website does not offer the product the customer is referring to. I believe this consumer has the wrong website.

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